Old Hindi movies

I am listening to two old Hindi songs on repeat mode as I am writing! More on the songs later.

Movies play a big role in our part of the world where it is a major and sometimes the only form of entertainment. When I was growing up, all my family members; mom, sometimes dad, brothers, cousins, uncles and aunties used to sit and watch a movie together. And almost every Saturday, I and my girlfriends from school used to get together and rent a movie and watch it (the local cinema had stopped running Hindi movies altogether).

These past few days when I had no college, I spent it watching some old Hindi movies! These are the movies I hadn’t watched before. Apparently when you are watching alone, you end up watching things besides comedy, thriller or drama. These movies were socially relevant and thought provoking kind and beautiful too!!! For me, Rekha is the only other mesmerising Indian actress besides Madhubala. It was her movies that I watched, of the 70s and 80s. Of course I loved the two movies I watched; ‘Ghar’ and ‘Ijaazat’. What more I am still mentally in the zone of influence; the thinking, analyzing phase.

-I found all the songs melodious, Kishore kumar at his best! My favourite tracks are ‘Aap ki aankhon mein’ and ‘Phir wohi raat hai’. I am listening to these two songs currently. In the 1st track, the newly married couple are so much in love and just beginning their married life, it is very romantic. The latter is where the husband is helping his wife to rehabilitate after she has been raped by a group of thugs and loving her like before.

-It is possible to fall in love with a dead celebrity. Yes, it may be transient and it may be because of the character he potrays in the movie. But Vinod Mehra has won me over. He has a killer smile and he is a husband so loving and understanding. Do husbands like the one he potrays even exist in the real world?

-This movie was made in the 70s when the society was much more conservative. Being an unwed mother or a divorcee(female) were unacceptable enough, I shudder to think what it must have been like for rape victims and her family then. Of course, things have not changed much, the right to live of the rape victim is questioned let alone happily.

-The chemistry between the lead actors is off the chart. It leaves you yearning and wishing for the kind of love they have and you cannot help but day dream. The stuffs of dreams!!!

I leave my thoughts on ‘Ijaazat’ for some other day.


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