I was listening to this song

I like the new song ‘Mitti di khusboo’ by Ayushmann khurana. We were having  bad luck when we were returning to Kathmandu from Phidim. First, we had  postponed our journey by a day because my bro. R only booked the taxi tickets but didn’t go and get them. And our tickets were sold to other ppl. The next day, we nearly didn’t get bus tickets for Kathmandu from Birtamod because we had cancelled the previous tickets and it was a holiday season.

We had to take the very last seats of a bus and it was an unforgettable experience. It was a long long 16-17 hours journey. We were bouncing up and down our seats. My younger sister(cousin) is petite and she had taken the window seat right below the rack for luggage. I don’t know if it was the driver or the road conditions or the seat positions, we were bouncing very high and then ‘thud’ before landing on the seats. Everytime that happened, my sister will hit her head very hard above on the rack and scream in pain. I laughed a lot….She cursed a lot!!!… I told her we were getting the experience of horse riding on a bus ride. I only hit my head on that thing once when I was bounced at an angle…It hurt a lot!! We were having back aches, our buttocks were sore and legs were swollen. When the bus stopped for tea at a roadside restaurant after sometime, we got some relief; only 2-3 hours of bus ride felt like much more. Listening to this new song in full volume in repeat mode helped me distract myself and made the ride a little tolerable.

I don’t understand Punjabi very well and so looked up the lyrics meaning in google. I could totally relate to the song. Love the song, love the video but love them more separately. I didn’t find any romantic angle while listening to the song but love and nostalgia for one’s hometown contrary to the video. Here’s the song


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