Brothers and sisters

We (cousins) who have grown up together and lived under one roof for a long time are really close. When I come back home or even to my auntie’s places now, I forget everything and everyone outside family. When you have a big loving family, you don’t miss anything. My cousin R and I are close because we are the older children of the family and of the same age. He is also one of the kindest male I know, like my dad who are genuinely kind and not like myself who pretends to be kind.

When we were small, R and I used to be very competitive and fight over things like any other siblings. We would fight to hold and carry our baby cousins. Because our Iittle cousins were all boys or because I was not good with kids, they always went to him. And I would plead with R to pretend to scold the baby so the baby would come to me crying. He would end up saying “you are evil”!!!!

I don’t know what the future holds for us but for now it’s not bad. We are all healthy and happy together and aware of the strong bond that binds us. Sometimes, I wonder how little one can want out of life when we younger party can be happy just by being together, doing things together even if it’s just sitting around and checking fb or instagram, playing cards or watching tv or just chatting or eating together.

Now my baby cousins (brothers) are
grown-ups, one is a new teenager and one a preteen, others more mature and R, recently married. When I am home on holidays, the younger ones are always around me like shadows or maybe it is the other way around and I am with them most of the time. One time when my little cousin realised that R. will be moving out to his own place after his marriage. He cried out “Oh! No, that means all of us won’t be living together in the future… . Everyone will get married someday and leave home!!!..”

Other time when we were returning from our mom’s village which is like 2 hours leisurely walk from our home. R pointed out a weed bush to me (apparently they grow literally as weeds) I broke off a twig and told R. that I was going to try it to find out what the hype of pot was all about. As we were walking, we were talking about the marijuana culture and stuffs. My little brother suddenly asked us if we knew why people did drugs and become addicts. Not knowing how much to say to him, we didn’t give him a satisfactory answer. He said he knew the answer anyway which surprised me. R was surprised too. “They do drugs to dry out their butts” was his hilarious answer. We all laughed out loud.


My acne, rosacea has flared up badly. The last time this happened we were in mom’s village. My little brother crushed a certain plant’s leaves to put it on my acne. And it got better. We are in Kathmandu now but luckily there are bushes of the same plant growing close by. And my brother is again crushing leaves for me. He wants to get 1litre of juice out of the leaves for me to take back when I return to college. Of course I have to stop him. Funny stuff!!!
Incidences and sentiments like these will forever stand out in my mind. We are blessed. You know there’s not a word for ‘cousin’ in Nepali. We are ‘brothers and sisters’. I like it like that because ‘cousin’ sounds kind of distant.



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