Meet you in my dreams…

This afternoon I dozed off and dreamt of my favourite teacher. He was waiting for his bus to siliguri. Bus no.4, he said which was running late. I met him near the bus station. We talked for a while, you know about the regular stuffs, nothing deep. I being his favourite student and he being my favourite teacher, we care a lot about each other. He’s like family. I was glad the bus was about 20 mins late to reach the station which meant the goodbye wasn’t a rushed affair. My sir had a heart ailment. And I noticed he had a cold too. I worry about his health. I wanted to give him the vicks vaporrub type balm that I had somewhere. I went to get it, all the while thinking if I should give him something which I have already used. But there was no time to get a new one. And if it works it’s good, I thought eventually. The bus was about to leave and sir was sitting on the backseat of the bus, we having said our goodbyes already.

As I was running with the said balm in my hand towards the bus, I opened it and saw that there was nothing inside. Apparently, I’ve used it all. So, I went to a small stall nearby to buy one. The shop had a special one but the shopkeeper was not helpful. He was like “I cannot sell it to you.” Why? “because you cannot afford it, it’s very special”. The shopkeeper haggling was irritating. I was racing against time here. Apparently it was just for Rs. 50 so I bought it and made in time to give it to my sir. He was happy! On the other hand my other sir who was sitting next to him was not. I think he was a little jealous. My sir rubbed the ointment over his chest generously more than needed actually, to humor me. I know he doesn’t do things the ordinary way. The last thing I remember is me thinking “Okay, that will work too”. Probably, then I bade him safe journey.

I woke up and when I remembered the dream, I was happy for a bit Then, I remembered. Sir is no longer in this world. He’s been gone for a very long time almost 10 years now. The world is not a better place without him in it. It’s a little sadder! He was the best of the best. The kindest, funniest, humble person. You do not find such combination in a man. He was also the one person with whom I could talk about anything and everything and the only person who had answers to my every question. My world’s a little emptier without him in it. Sir’s wife and three children must miss him even more. But I miss him too. There are always times when I feel I need him but he’s not here. He’s somewhere in heaven smiling, playing pranks on angels I am sure. Whenever I try to imagine his face he’s always smiling. Because he was like that, always, always smiling no matter what, even in adversity. He rarely if ever got angry. He’s taught me so much, what to aspire to as a human. It goes without saying my life is enriched for having known him. And I hope to God he is one of the five people I meet in heaven one day. RIP Sir. Lots of love, hugs and kisses.


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