A sad song. But I love it

So, I have been listening to this very old Nepali song, ‘mutu jali rahechha’, original version by Bhaktaraj Acharya

It is my favourite song in the whole world (i.e, until I get obsessed with another track). This is an old song, something my mom has listened to. Probably, my grandfather also listened to it on the radio. What do I like about this song? The voice, the music but mostly the lyrics. Nepali traditonal instruments like the tabla, flute with that voice and those words.

This song is that of a broken hearted person. It’s a sad song, a song of separation but since we do not know how and why the two lovers have gotten separated or if the lady was his wife or girlfriend, it gives reins to your imagination and you can feel the melancholy. His memories of her, his love for her, how his heart burns and tears become unstoppable when he remembers her, how every moments of their union is set somewhere in his heart make up the lyrics of the song.

Songs like this makes me realise how beautiful nepali language is. Translate the lyrics into english and it’s essence is diluted, the something beautiful is lost.

My favorite line
‘Timro maya ko nyaano pan ma mero maya bachi diyechha’ meaning ‘On the warmth of your love, my love has lived’.

This is definitely an evergreen song. One of those songs you can listen to after 20 years and still love it. So much passion and love. And the feelings it evokes are extraordinary. It’s intense and probably not supposed to be romantic but I find it a little romantic. Because today we do not love with such abandon. We are calculative even in love. A guy saying all those things to a girl even in sadness with such sincerity and hopelessness are not traits of our time.



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